Dane Hurt

Digital Media Specialist

Dane Hurt

Videographer / Media Specialist

Accomplished, entrepreneurial filmmaker with experience in all aspects of media production seeking film career opportunities in Los Angeles, California.


Dane Hurt Videography

2010 - 2015


After being accepted to art school in New York City, I embarked on a freelance videography career that led to work with such companies as the YMCA, CDZA YouTube filmmakers, Eco-Wise, and A. Smith & Co. reality hit-makers.

Danger Films, LLC

2007 - 2010


Founded a film company in Austin, TX where I learned the ropes of writing, shooting, and editing while creating award-winning projects for H-E-B Grocery & other companies, music videos for bands, and short documentaries.


BFA - Film

2009 - 2013

School of Visual Arts

Final Cut Pro 7  100%

Motion  78%

Attending the School of Visual Arts (aided by generous scholarships and grants) was a very eye-opening experience for me. I learned to be more deliberate in my life philosophies as well as in the way I place a camera frame.

Adobe Photoshop  83%

Adobe Muse 65%

Volunteer Service

2004 - 2006

Mexico City & Surrounding Areas

Color  61%

Soundtrack Pro  80%

After high school I was able to volunteer with an organization that allowed me to visit impoverished villages in Mexico City and strive to improve the quality of their lives through various means. I learned Spanish & the benefits of compassion.

Adobe Illustrator  85%

After Effects 56%